Why is the Moon Portrayed As Huge in Some Movies And Other Media?

Why Do Artists Show Bigger Moon In Movies?

We know the moon is very pretty and we gaze at it with great reverence every day and are also well aware of its size, like how big it appears in the sky

But do you know, why is Moon often shown so much bigger in movies as compared to the size it is usually seen from the earth? The answer is "Moon illusion"

Moon illusion basically talks about angles that when the moon is near the horizon, it appears larger, but when it moves higher up in the sky, it looks small

You might be experienced it many times that when you try to take a normal picture of the moon, you will find it looks smaller than its normal size

That is, the presence of the moon will not be identified clearly by the camera and the actual feel of the moon will not come to the surface

That's why filmmakers use Computer-generated imagery (CGI) to put fake images of the moon, and in some movies, the moon's image is even shown to be so large

This is usually done because the moon has always been considered the "Greatest Art of God's Work" since a long time ago when civilization began

From the very beginning, the moon has always been depicted as something that is quite special and interesting for humans

Hence, to make movies more interesting than real life the moon is always shown by putting up fake images to make it look bigger and more attractive

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