Amazing Facts About Clouds

Why Do Clouds Turn Black Before The Rain? 

Everyone is completely aware of the fact that clouds contain innumerable tiny droplets of water as well as ice crystals

In some clouds, these droplets are present in high abundance, and in others very few. Usually, clouds appear white, but rain clouds always appear black

When we look up towards the sky, normally we see the sky as blue and the clouds as white, but as soon as it is about to rain, we see the clouds turning black 

But have you ever thought about why clouds turn black before the rain, what exactly happens that turns them into black or gray color

But before that, it is important to know why we normally see clouds as white, the reason is that sunlight can pass through the clouds comfortably

But the clouds which are dense have more water droplets, more particles, through which sunlight can't properly penetrate

Now light is not able to penetrate well, it appears black or dark, but if you look at the same black cloud from an aircraft, the cloud will still appear white to you

Because the light of the sun falls directly from above, but from below, the people of the earth will see the lower part of the same cloud as black

 Because the sunlight does not reach the lower part. As the thickness of the clouds increases, their bottoms appear even darker

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