Why Don't Airplanes Fly Over Tibet?

The Truth Behind Why Airliners Are Strictly Prohibited From Flying Over Tibet

If you have ever been to Tibet, then you must have observed one thing for sure, you would not have seen any airplane flying in the sky there

Tibet is one of those special places on earth where there is very little air service. Actually, due to the high altitude, it is almost impossible for planes to fly over it

In fact, there are many mountains in Tibet higher than 8000 meters, including the Majestic Mount Everest and also extremely high mountains like Makalu

That's why it is also called "the roof of the world". Also, the average elevation of Tibet is more than 4,500 meters, which is no less than a headache for airlines

Tibet is the lowest pressure area and the drop in atmospheric pressure, as is commonly seen at higher altitudes, also reduces the amount of oxygen available to breathe

Of course, oxygen is provided for passengers on the plane. But if the plane flies for a long time at such a height, the passengers will need oxygen for a longer period

Experts say, passengers can be provided oxygen for only 20 minutes, which is a limited supply, based on the assumption that aircraft would quickly reach a safe altitude

According to experts, the climate of Tibet is very different compared to other air routes, and because of its proximity to Mount Everest, jet streams move rapidly

It is like embracing death for an aircraft to encounter such high-speed air currents, moving up and down in ripples, increasing the risk of turbulence for the plane

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