Why Don't Ships Have Headlights? 

 How Ships Avoid Collisions?

Driving at night always needs headlights to see the road clearly no matter what vehicle you are driving 

Be it a car, bike, bus, truck, or even an airplane, every vehicle has headlights, but why don't ships have headlights? 

Generally, the ship's path is very different from the road and the sky because in a ship you don't need to look in front as much as you need to look far away

When the beam comes out of the headlights, it remains very strong, but it gets wider the further away it goes, reducing its intensity

The length of the ship is measured in meters, so in reality, the headlights will not show even a few meters distance in the ocean

Even if the world's most powerful headlight is used, nothing much will be visible as the ocean is so vast

So Instead of headlights, bright and intense navigation lights, also known as running or position lights, are installed on the ship to prevent any major accident

if you look at a ship from the front at night, one side part of the ship has a green light and the other side part has a red light, and the back part has white light

Ships have color codes and by looking at these colors any ship can know whether another ship is coming towards it or not

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