Why Engagement Rings Are Worn on The Fourth Finger of The Left Hand

The bond of marriage plays an important role in everyone's life, as it is the most beautiful occasion, and hence the rituals associated with it are also equally important

Most of the customs related to marriage are performed for a specific purpose and that is to say, behind every tradition there is some religious belief

One of these traditions is the Ring Ceremony that takes place a few days before the wedding, in which the bride and groom wear rings to each other

But have you ever thought about why this ring is always worn on the fourth finger of the left hand and why is it called ring finger?

In the past history, our ancestors believed that the vein of our fourth finger of the left hand is connected to our heart, and hence it is also called "Vein of Love"

By wearing ring on that specific finger, the heart of that couple feels connected. In fact, the tradition dates back to the Roman era and was started by a Roman couple

Since then, be it in India or any western country, people started wearing rings on this finger and the name of this finger was given Ring Finger

Now there is also another belief that the shape of the engagement ring should be round, it is said so because as the circle has neither beginning nor end

The engagement ring is usually used to keep the marriage relationship eternal

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