Why Paytm Brought "Paytm Candy" To The Market

Amazing Marketing Strategy

Do you remember the time when you used to buy goods at a store and due to no "change" available at the time of payment, that retailer used to give you toffees

And you had to take those toffees under compulsion. This was a really big problem because that's usually what was done and it is a very common sight in India

But where there is a problem, there is also an opportunity and Paytm understood this very well and gave birth to a creative idea

For this reason, Paytm launched its candies named 'Paytm Sweet Change'. Now, something happens that if the retailer does not have a change

he used to give Paytm candies to customer and there was a unique code on those Candies so that the customer could add an equal amount of Paytm cash to his Paytm account

Now the customer got candies for free, the retailer also got the benefit, and Paytm got new downloads and customers too

It was a really great marketing strategy from Paytm, as everyone knows that currently Paytm is the most widely accepted e-wallet for day-to-day transactions

But still not many people use it. But with the launch of Paytm 'Sweet Change Candy', they generally motivated people to download their app

With this, they also made them realize that they can simply use it to avoid the whole situation of getting change and can redeem the candies' actual value

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