Why Tyres Are Always Black In Colour?

Science Of Cars And Bike Tyre Color

All the tyres you must have seen since childhood, be it bicycle tires, bikes, cars, or even airplanes, are all black in color

So just as all vehicles can be of multicolors, why are tires not designed in multicolor, which is one of the most significant segments in a vehicle? 

The very first rubber tire was made in the year 1888 and you would be very much surprised that the tires of that time were milky white in color

This is because rubber is actually white as natural rubber is harvested straight from rubber trees, processed, and shipped worldwide

But these white tires didn't last long, because they weren't strong enough to support the weight of an automobile or not even perform well on the roads for a few days

Meaning if the road was scorching hot, the tires would also become overheated and sometimes even start melting while driving

As a result, scientists began to set their minds to finding a solution and found a brilliant combination

They observed when a stabilizing ingredient called carbon black was mixed with a milky white material, the longevity and strength of the tire were substantially improved

The strength was increased considerably and the problem of heating was utterly solved, preventing the tires from melting and remained firm

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